About Us

I started this organization because of the shocking things life reveal to me. When I was younger I truly believed that the people belonging to these subcultures were marginally disenfranchise due to their ethnicity. The general concept that lived within me mind was that society was the sole blame for their conditions. I believe that these ethnic subculture needed the fill support of the culture to free themselves from the societal restriction place on them. I now believe that the major disenfranchisement place of the member of these subculture are restrictions that have been embedded within the subculture themselves. I seek to find other people who share my ideology, other people who share the believe that society as a whole must reach into these subculture and enable the people to enhance their own prosperity. Come, learn what this association is about. Your money and your help is needed
deal with proportions, proportionality, we seek to free the children of these subcultures, from the negative effects placed on them by their own culture. Take for instance the black subculture in America. Do we went to see this disproportionate balance of equality last for another 100 years. We have ventured into a new world order. Let change this. ON OUR WATCH!