Our organization primary function is to shout out to the world about an injustice that is being done to people by their own culture. To make the world conscious of the fact that this New World Order has eliminated, or is in the process of eliminating what was viewed as a white man world. It is now creating what can be called the people world. We seek to shout out to people that when culture or subcultures interference with the natural development of their people inter-connectivity with society. Society has a duty to save the children of that culture, to allow the children of that culture to be prosperous. We are not trying to create a prefect world. we look at proportions, proportionality is our theme. A perfect example is the black subculture, but this is in no way the only subculture being address. Proportionally black people in developed countries are during bad. We look not to blame the respected country, but, to blame the culture. Dealing with proportionality we seek to stop this culture disenfranchisement. “ON OUR WATCH”!